As a consultant, you don't want to incur any costs unless they can be charged to a client project. This is how our pricing model works. You only incur costs when responses are received. Not per survey, nor per month.

Introductory offer: Lock-in your price forever at


per recorded response.

No minimum purchase required. This offer is available only for the 1st 100 users of Employee Life Consultant Edition.

How does the pricing work?

Let's say you have a client with 200 employees, and you need to conduct a survey.  You run the survey, and if only 150 responses were recorded, the project will cost you your base price multiplied by 150, in this case A$300.  You just need to top up your account to view results.

You are also the one in control of every Employee Life account you set up - you may choose not to give access to your client, or you may choose to give them a 'dashboard only' login. 

Sign up for for a FREE TRIAL ACCOUNT now and lock-in the introductory price of A$2.00 per response forever.

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