The High Value of HR Consultants

Who would choose to be an HR Consultant?  You would have to keep yourself up to date with the latest trends in human motivation and behavior, keep up to date with legislative changes, as well as keep up with the helter-skelter changing place of workplace performance considerations.... amongst a bunch of other things.

Despite these challenges, you choose to do it because that is what excites you.  Serious congratulations are in order.

But there is another consideration that we believe is worth exploring - those who take it upon themselves to tailor their approach to each organization.  This is where the real applause is deserved.

Every organization is unique!

Think for a moment of a river.  Day to day it probably looks the same, and similar in many ways to other rivers on the planet.  But on closer inspection there are subtle differences that a knowledgeable observer can identify immediately.  In many ways, an organization is like a river - unique in many ways and often difficult to accurately 'benchmark'.  In fact, when you consider how many important factors that often go unmeasured (risk appetite of the board, innovation potential, luck!), is it a good idea to apply a standard brush to a unique canvas?

This is where the best HR Consultants truly shine through.  The ability to see each organization as unique, and identify the unique cause of downstream problems, separates the good from the great.

To those of you continually adding value to your clients, we salute you!

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