A better way to do employee surveys for your clients.

Shorten turnaround times. Reduce costs. Improve margins.


Employee Life Consultant Edition is an employee survey tool originally designed by HR Consultants for HR Consultants and their clients.

Conducting surveys for clients has never been this easy.


Easily create and manage employee surveys.

Most survey tools available do not specialize in employee surveys, much less ones done by HR Consultants. We do. And our platform allows you to conduct employee surveys across all your clients more efficiently, accurately and conveniently.


Share your results INSTANTLY.

Instead of spending days (or weeks even!) preparing spreadsheets and presentations of your survey results, simply share a link to the online dashboard (such as this one) to your clients within minutes after a survey is completed.


Compare with previous results or clients easily.

No longer do you have to export your results to Excel in order to compare with your previous surveys (or with other clients). In just a few mouse clicks, you can compare your survey trends right away. 


Your clients, your questions, our platform.

With our platform made specially for HR Consultants, you can more easily manage your client's employee survey needs with your own methodology.

We have something special for our first 100 customers.

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